Dressing Up With Knobs

I am really not a fan of “standard” so finding something like knobs to change things and make them my own is a plus in my book! They are so easy and there is a HUGE variety.


Do you see my weekly finds that I posted last week in there? I also found that cute vintage clock this week to add the simple, yet perfect, touch.  This adorable table is unique in its own way, so two simple dark brown and gold knobs were the perfect choice for me.

This next piece was my first furniture revival. Totally retro, but modest. And I added two simple mustard yellow knobs to finish it off that I found at Hobby Lobby.


And this beauty is my latest and greatest restore! And the best part is??? It will be FOR SALE this Saturday, the 20th, at the Fleattitude Market! Come see our booth and see our wide variety of treasures!


  Until next time!

Ashley About Ashley

I am a mother of three, wifey to one, vintage-retro-thriftwhore kinda of girl! (Excuse my French) It took me a minute to figure out what my hobbies are. What do you tell people when they ask you what yours is? Me? I answer with "I don't have time for any." You should see the faces. So something had to change and this is where it has navigated me. I am a lover. A lover of the old, the haggard, the well-worn, the long living. A little collecting here and a little collecting there and one day the creative juices started flowing and WHAM BAM! My house started to become a home. .happyface. So here it is! My finds to yours.


  1. Wow, love them. Wish I was closer so I could go check it out. Hope you do fantastic.

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