Shelf Unit Made From A Bunk Bed

I’m not sure if I want to admit this but I found an old weathered bunk bed on the side of the road in a neighborhood that was doing their annual Spring cleaning.  It’s not something I would usually do, but I bravely knocked on the door of the owner and asked if I could have it.  They happily said “yes” and immediately my mind was dreaming of everything I could do with it.  I then had the junking bug and started driving around the neighborhood and found a couple of benches and a shelf.  Yes, I asked if I could have them and yes, I took them.

This was in the middle of the day!


This is two of the four pieces of the bed.

Sheepishly I loaded everything in the truck and continued to look.  By this point I was a little embarrassed so I stopped.  This whole thing reminded me of our days when we were stationed in Germany and the citizens were taxed for any extra belongings they had and every piece of furniture was free for the taking off the side of the road.  One time I picked up a huge hutch and loaded it on the top of our little car.  Ha!  The previous owner even brought me out the skeleton keys for it.  Oh the memories!

I will never be able to resist awesome free stuff!

Anyway, back to the bunk bed….

A few days earlier I had purchased two window panels, just because they were cool and off of a 100 year old house.


At our last few flea markets I have been selling old fashioned candy and was looking for a better way to display the jars and jars of candy.  I realized with the windows and bunk bed that I had everything I needed to make a tall shelf for the display.  Never did I imagine it turning out like it did.  I was in love.

20140328_105832_resized_1This is the completed shelf.

We had numerous people ask if this was for sale.  One lady even stopped in her tracks and gasped.   Yes.  I have to admit it’s pretty awesome.  It might not be everyone’s style, but it was mine and I’m keeping it.

If you have a bunk bed you aren’t using anymore I thought I would show you how we made ours.  First a disclaimer….I started getting so excited that I ended up not taking all the pictures I wanted to.  So, I will do my best to explain with the pictures I do have.

  • The completed piece comes apart in two pieces.  We used the pegs already in place on the bottom bed to set the top piece on to.
  • For the back of the shelf we kept the headboards together and decided where we wanted the shelves to be placed.  We then cut out the areas where the window shelves would be sitting.



  • For the front of the shelf we took out the middle pieces of the foot boards.

20140328_110119_resized_1We ended up selling these pieces.

  • We matched the areas the shelves would be sitting with the back pieces.  We then glued and screwed the shelves into place.


  • For added sturdiness we screwed a cross piece on each side of the bottom part of the shelf.


That’s it.

The candy we sell I order online from Old Time Candy.

download (4)

I went back in time when I got my first order.  They have re-makes of candy clear back before the 1920’s.

As our gift to one of you lucky readers today we are going to order for you packages of candy from the decade you were born or any decade you would like.  All you need to do is enter below.  Remember if you share this post or information about our blog you will get extra entries.

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Thanks again for all of your support and love.  We are having a blast during our birthday parte’!!!!!

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