Using Mirrors To Brighten A Room

I had always learned that lighting is important in home decor and figured all I needed were some lamps and to open the curtains. I soon learned that some times that doesn’t always work. I live in an area that has tons of trees which keeps the light dim in our home. I love the trees, but am not a big fan of dark rooms.  I like the warm light that lamps give and usually have my curtains open but, in my case, that’s not enough. I would bet that many of you have a room or two in your home with the same problem, whether it’s a dim basement or a room that doesn’t get any sunshine.

Did you know mirrors can help lighting up a room?


In my dining room there is a large wall mirror that I’ve added shelves to.  Having the mirror behind the shelves reflects the light from the window next to it.

This mirror over our fireplace makes the room look larger and brightens the room.

I used an old glassed cabinet door to make a large mirror over my couch.  I wanted it to look like an old mirror.  Using mirror spray paint I sprayed the back of the door.

While the paint is still wet I sprinkled some water on the glass and let dry.  Doing that created “age spots” which was my goal.  I also used some window cleaner to streak some of the paint.  Here’s what it looks close up.

I painted and antiqued the wood and hung it up with a coffee filter wreath.  Have you ever made one of these wreaths?  I love the look.

A wire wreath is wrapped with ribbon and the end glued in place.

These coffee filters can be found at most dollar stores.  Just crumple each one, fold in quarters, pinch the end and glue to the wreath.

After the wreath was finished I used a tea dye in a squirt bottle to spray the wreath to give it an antique beige look and let it dry.  So easy.

Lighting tricks can make a huge difference in a room.  I hope this gave you some ideas.

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