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Does your house look empty after putting all your Christmas decor away? Mine does. I started going through my Valentine’s stuff and there wasn’t much. I debated if I should decorate a little with with a winter theme but decide a “Love” theme was more fun and it won’t be too long until that day is here. I decided I needed a sign and with a little rummaging through the supplies I already have this is what I came up with.

I have supply of old frames, wood, trims, rulers, etc.

I cut the corner off one of the frames and that is my “L”. I love little tart tins and this triangle tin looked close enough to a heart and the perfect “O”. I combined it with another metal piece I had and nailed the two pieces into the wood. An old ruler found at a thrift store was cut down to shape a “V” and some pieces of wood trim made my “E”.

www.polkadotpoplars.comThe board I put the letters on is an old piece of drawer. I used a side piece that was already painted. I sanded it down quite a bit. I love the edges. I used E6000 glue to adhere the pieces.

My mind is churning with other sign ideas. I hope this inspires you, too.

Here’s a Valentine Treat idea I shared last year on my blog.

Valentine Candy Arrows

Happy Love Day!

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