Accent Lighting Ideas

Small Lighting Ideas

Hello Friends! I just moved into a new home and am working on getting it put together and decorated. While I’m putting furniture and accessories into place I always try to keep accent lighting in mind. Even in a well lit room with good windows there can be corners and areas that always seem dark or could use a little lamp light to add some warmth. Here are a few examples of where I put accent lighting in my home.

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Using Mirrors To Brighten A Room

I had always learned that lighting is important in home decor and figured all I needed were some lamps and to open the curtains. I soon learned that some times that doesn’t always work. I live in an area that has tons of trees which keeps the light dim in our home. I love the trees, but am not a big fan of dark rooms.  I like the warm light that lamps give and usually have my curtains open but, in my case, that’s not enough. I would bet that many of you have a room or two in your home with the same problem, whether it’s a dim basement or a room that doesn’t get any sunshine.

Did you know mirrors can help lighting up a room?


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