30 Days to a Stronger Child

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Great new book! 30 Days to a Stronger Child. Tons of great lessons, activities, tips and advice to help you connect with your child and strengthen him/her at the same time. What makes a Strong Child? Find out! And help your child be his/her best self. For parents of kids, teens and tweens. In an uncertain, disconnected world, this is a unique parenting book that increase bonding and builds resilient children! Be the parent you wish you had (Available on Amazon).

It’s not often that I recommend a book to parents that I feel so strongly about, but this is one of them. 30 Days to a Stronger Child is very well written and put together in a way that benefits both the parent and child. It contains tools, activities, and discussion tips to develop strong relationships with our children and grandchildren.

Today and through the rest of the week you can get the Kindle version for just .99. Normally it’s $6.99.


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Having THE TALK With Your Kids

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Well, let me tell you I was so not prepared when my girls came to me to ask about how babies were made. Literally I was in the bathroom cleaning and they both came in and I thought “gah”!! I don’t know if I want to tell you this!! But now a days kids are learning about this subject younger and younger and I didn’t want them to hear anything from school or friends first. I want them to hear the truth and understand everything.  I did make some rookie mistakes as you can tell from the pictures that I secretly took while I was telling them! Aren’t they amazing!? HA!

PicMonkey Collage 2

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5 Love Languages for Children

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Hello Fellow Parents! 

I want to make sure you know that I am not any sort of expert on how you should love your kids and the things we should be doing or not doing, or whatever, to raise our children to be mature, responsible, and loving members of society. But, I wanted to share a resource that I just found out about and thought someone out there could use it like I could. You have heard about the “5 Love Languages For Relationships”, but did you know that there is now a book for children and teenagers?

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