30 Days to a Stronger Child

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Great new book! 30 Days to a Stronger Child. Tons of great lessons, activities, tips and advice to help you connect with your child and strengthen him/her at the same time. What makes a Strong Child? Find out! And help your child be his/her best self. For parents of kids, teens and tweens. In an uncertain, disconnected world, this is a unique parenting book that increase bonding and builds resilient children! Be the parent you wish you had (Available on Amazon).

It’s not often that I recommend a book to parents that I feel so strongly about, but this is one of them. 30 Days to a Stronger Child is very well written and put together in a way that benefits both the parent and child. It contains tools, activities, and discussion tips to develop strong relationships with our children and grandchildren.

Today and through the rest of the week you can get the Kindle version for just .99. Normally it’s $6.99.


As a mother to four I wish I would have been better prepared to teach my children how to better deal with life and the situations that may come their way. I really tried to encourage, praise, and help them through difficult times, but this book would have been such a help during my young mother phase. Now, after reading this book and as a Grandmother to 11, I am even better prepared to help my children and grandchildren develop good self esteems and a strong, positive outlook on life.

The book covers five qualities that each of us should develop and teach our children. They are PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, and INTELLECTUAL. We need to help our children learn that each one of these “accounts” is important and how they can exercise and strengthen their accounts each day. By having meaningful conversations and experienced-based learning opportunities with our children they can do that.

I was so very impressed with this book from page one and often would say to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” For instance, in the book it reads:

“When one account is empty we borrow from other accounts. For example, when a person feels lonely or upset, he may overeat to try to fill his account — borrowing from his physical account to fill his emotional account. When several accounts are low, we experience anxiety, sadness, and even depression.”

This view was something I had never thought about before, but is so true, even in my own life. So, not only did I learn more about how to be a better mother and grandmother, but I learned so many things for my own well-being.

blue-dad daughter

Each of the five account areas have six lessons, for a total of 30 lessons, that will help you connect with your child and teach you how to EDUCATE, COMMUNICATE, NURTURE, AND EMPOWER each of them. Each lesson doesn’t take very long and has everything you need to teach it including question and activity ideas. 

I love all the lessons, but there were several that stood out to me like the lesson on “Empathy”. It teaches that we should recognize those that are in pain and how we should react with love and understanding. I am not seeing much of this in the world we live in now. Just one of the many important lessons.

Trust me! This is a book you need and will never regret using. You can get the hard copy for $17.99 or for the next few days the Kindle version for .99 through Amazon.


I would love to give away a book. To enter comment below some of your best parenting advice. We have so much we can learn from each other. I will draw a name next Monday, March 28th.

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