Spooky Halloween Mirror

Hello Friends! I hope this finds you all well and happy! I know I’m pretty excited now that it’s Fall; I’m just not one who really likes the heat. My daughters and I are planning a fun, but spooky Halloween party and today I want to show you a fun prop I made for the party. 


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DIY Scary Cloth

Its almost Halloween Y’all!

I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of this holiday, but I feel like because I’m a mom and I want my kids to have good memories of our holidays at home I am forcing myself to decorate more and be more festive for this Halloween season.

So, in my small town in the middle of nowhere its really hard to find things you want to decorate with. I had to improvise this year and I have to say it turned out pretty cool! Our neighborhood really stepped up this year with their decorations and we had to keep up right!? 🙂 No, but really it turned out really fun and I want to show you what we did. It was really inexpensive and super easy to put together.

20141027_172400 (1)


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A Gathering of Our Halloween Ideas

Are you looking for some Halloween inspiration?  We’ve gathered together our past Halloween posts all in one place and hope they will give you some ideas.

A Gathering of Halloween Ideas From Polka Dot Poplars

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Bloody Valentine Cupcakes

I was thinking maybe I should be calling these award winning Bloody Valentine Cupcakes, because I won the contest for best treat at the witches party I went to last weekend. What do you think? Does that count? 🙂 No, but really these are super easy to put together and look so awesome when they are done! I almost didn’t want to touch them cause they looked so cool all together. It’s a perfect balance between AWESOME and GROSS! I know I’m a little morbid. Whatever!

Every year my friends and I get together for a witches night. Everyone dresses up as their inner witch and man can I tell you I have some crazy creative friends! I dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter (She’s a witch guys not a wizard. I had to Google it to make sure!)



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