Online Christmas Fun

Our Christmas Countdown 2014 continues. Whew! Only 9 more days!

Can you imagine where we would be right now if we didn’t have computers or our many electronic devices? I grew up with not much more than a TV, radio, and telephone and I was fine, but I love the ability we have now to communicate in seconds, educate ourselves in a whole new way, and share our ideas. While I still love a homemade Christmas it’s fun to supplement it with online fun especially when it’s free.

A few years ago we discovered Portable North Pole. I’m sure most of you know about this site, but just in case you don’t here’s a little about it.

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A Glimpse At Our Christmas Decor

I have been so inspired by the Holiday Home Tours I have been seeing all over the web. There truly are some amazing and talented decorators out there and it’s fun to sit in the comfort of my own home and see all the lovely decorating. If you’d like to see an awesome home tour series go here to see Jennifer Rizzo’s annual home tour. Another part of her home tour is the link party where others can post photos of their homes. So, there is a ton of eye candy all in one place. 


 Link Party

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Using Everyday Items For Christmas Decorating

There’s only 12 more days until Christmas. This is the time I get really excited.  

You probably have most of your Christmas decorating done by now. But, if you haven’t and need some ideas I thought I would share some ideas of ways I pulled items from my home and storage to add to my decor.

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Chalkboard Gift Idea

If you are looking for a gift idea for the kids in your life this would be perfect.  I am guest posting over on Cooking With Ruthie.  Go check it out.

Chalkboard Gift Idea

Chalkboard Bag

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