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Our Christmas Countdown 2014 continues. Whew! Only 9 more days!

Can you imagine where we would be right now if we didn’t have computers or our many electronic devices? I grew up with not much more than a TV, radio, and telephone and I was fine, but I love the ability we have now to communicate in seconds, educate ourselves in a whole new way, and share our ideas. While I still love a homemade Christmas it’s fun to supplement it with online fun especially when it’s free.

A few years ago we discovered Portable North Pole. I’m sure most of you know about this site, but just in case you don’t here’s a little about it.

This site is a must for adults and children.

How about having Santa call your kids using Christmas Dialer. There are several of these types of sites and apps.

I love receiving Christmas cards and greetings and I love sending them. They do take a lot of time to create and send. How about sending a personalized eCard to your friends and family. I think they are just as good and show that you are thinking of them during the holidays.

Here’s a fun site:




The eCards are beautiful. Just add your name and greeting and email away. The free cards are marked with the blue “free” dot. As a bonus this site allows you to purchase electronic gift cards to go along with your card.

To go a step further try a personalized video eCard.  This site has a wide variety of holiday cards, from sweet to crazy.

download (2)


Animated eCards are also an option from:


Got Free Cards

The best fun on this site is that you can add your own audio greetings, as well as a personal photo.

If you want to add a personal video from YouTube or Flickr to your eCard use this site:



Card Karma


Remember you can also make your own photo slide show using a flash app or video editing software on your device and email or Facebook those.

This doesn’t even touch the surface of what’s available.  Add to this list all the online music and games, etc. and it’s mind boggling.

I hope this helps you with some ideas to spread your Christmas love to those around you.



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