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Happy Holidays Everyone!  I’m Dru and I blog with my three daughters over at Polka Dot Poplars.  I’m thrilled to be a part of Design Dazzle’s Christmas Wonderful.  I’m beyond impressed by all the ideas shared so far and know I will be using quite of few of them.

I love creating and painting on wood.  One fun thing I like doing is seeing what kinds of things I can make from wood turnings found at your local craft stores like tongue depressor sticks, stars, dowels, etc.  Have you ever put a bunch of popsicle sticks in front of a group of kids?  Their imagination just takes off.



I’ve been seeing a bunch of snowflakes made of old barn wood, twigs, and yarn.  I started playing around with my sticks and wood turnings and had a blast making snowflakes with them.  The possibilities are endless.

 Here is what I made:

Snowflake Collage

There really are no set instructions.  I used a cool temp glue gun to attach all the pieces together.  I kept experimenting with different layouts and they kept getting bigger and bigger and I love them.  Next, I’m going to make a bunch with my kids and grand kids and make a party out of it.

Snowflake How To Collage

I ended up spray painting mine a creamy white and hung them up with twine.  But, can you imagine them in different colors or sprinkled with glitter.  They would even make great ornaments on a tree or a cute gift topper in a smaller version.  My mind is going crazy with the possibilities.


This is my kind of craft; easy, inexpensive, and perfect for all ages.

Here’s a picture of the sun shining through the curtain I hung these at.  I love the look it gives.


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All of us here at Polka Dot Poplars wish you the best during the holidays.

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