Real Bottle Brush Trees

I absolutely love bottle brush trees in all sizes.  I recently purchased some from a craft supply company, put them in bleach to remove the green color and sold them at a flea market boutique.  They were hot and I sold out in the first hour.


I thought about doing some more but they are hard to find in local craft stores unless you want tiny ones and I didn’t want to have to order more and wait for them to come.  Sooooo, I thought, why don’t I use actual bottle brushes from the Dollar Store.

Not only were these trees fun to make but were easy and CHEAP!!!!

For this one I decided to use food coloring to dye it to see how it would work.  I cut the brush into a tree shape and placed it in a cup of food coloring and water.  I waited overnight and ta da, a really pretty pink color.

Once dry I sprayed the tree with glitter and cut the handle off.

The next tree I tried I just used spray paint.  Much easier and less time consuming.

Bases can be made out of anything…..spools, blocks, etc.  I just drilled a hole and inserted the trees.  Also, the ideas are endless on how you can decorate them.

Love them and plan on making bunches of them.

(The small trees are tiny trees I found at Hobby Lobby and sprayed them with some pink paint.)

Now, without further ado……….the winners of my “THANK YOU” $25 gift cards for your votes in my


I came in 3rd and walked away with a years worth of mustard. lol. And $150 gift card for a kitchen supply store.

It’s not a trip to London, but I am thrilled.

I can not go any further with thanking each and every one of my friends and even those I don’t know for your votes.  I am incredibly grateful for your support and kindness.  I hope I can return the favor for each one of you.

I went about the drawing process the old fashioned way.  I could have used a fancy program to get your votes but wanted to make it as simple as possible for you.  I might think that through again in the future cuz I got a lot more votes than I thought.  For each of your votes that you told me about you were entered into the drawing.  I jotted all the names down and received over 600 votes to enter into my giveaway.  The more times you voted the better chance you had.


Shirley Parks


Susan Smith Dodge

Yeah!!! Congratulations.

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  1. You are so clever Dru I love the trees! Congratulations on 3rd place! Wish you could have won the trip to London. Thank you for doing your giveaway that’s very generous of you! I sent you an email 🙂

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