My Find This Week!

Happy Monday!!

I am so glad it’s fall and that Halloween is over.  I’m sorry, but it just isn’t my favorite holiday.

My kiddos LOVE it, though, and that makes it worth it.


This year we had a zombie bride, the chikita banana girl, a monster high girl, and my little monster.

(Yep, those zombie scars and temp tattoos are a BUGGER to get off!)

Last week I made some Candy Cane wreaths and a lady here in my small town saw them and offered to trade some of her stuff if I would make her one.  So, I went to her house and looked at her things and GAH! I totally scored!


I got this cute chippy table, those bottles, the scale, a bottle full of old wooded spools and the crate!

I feel kinda bad cause I think I came out better in this deal.



I love that someone else’s trash is my treasure!

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