Frame Facelifts

Sometimes I get tired of the same old frames that you can find everywhere.  I have found that it’s fun to dress up a frame to match the décor you have or the project you are working on.

How about adding some twine, rope, or yarn to a cheap frame to add a nautical or masculine feel.



You can add texture using a puff paint or caulking.  Here I used puff paint and added “polkadots”.  When they were dry I painted over them.  You can see the before and after here.  I’m going to finish painting the frame and add a varnish to shine it up.

DSC_0516 DSC_0514 DSC_0513

One of my favorite ways to change a cheap dollar store frame is by adding craft sand to the paint.  I love the rustic feel it gives.  This is part one to a two part series.  I’ll show you what I do with these later.


First of all, remove the backing and glass from the frame.  Sand lightly to rough up the surface.  The paint sticks better to this.


Paint on a coat of your paint (without the sand).  The paint can be good ol acrylic or latex words fine, too.  Let dry.


Mix four parts paint to one part craft sand.  Mix well and apply to your frame using a sponge brush.  I used a heavy coat of the sand paint to give it good texture.  Let dry.


Sand sections of the frame to add some patina and to smooth rough edges.  You could even rub some stain or thinned down brown paint to antique.


I love this look and can’t wait to show you what I do with this frame.  Hint:  Mother’s Day.

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