DIY Hanging Planter

Lately I have been seeing people use old pulley’s in the coolest ways and I love the industrial farmhouse look. I wanted to incorporate something like that in our home.

I bought this old pulley on Etsy for $13!



I love how weathered it looks. I had an idea that I wanted to do some sort of hanging planter. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do but once I had a grasp on it I grabbed my supplies.

20140721_182225 - Copy

I got some rope and a planter hook that would attach to a wall and of course some plants from Home Depot.  Then I found these miniature bunt pans at my Goodwill store. I liked them because they had these hooks on either side that I thought would work perfectly with the rope.

20140721_183140 - Copy

I planted my cute plants in the bunt pans (Tip: try to get plants that weigh the same otherwise they wont hang the right way.)

I then attached the rope through the hook on the pans and then ran it through about 20 inches and tied it into a knot.  Then I ran the excess rope through the pulley and did the same with the other pan. It really helps to have another set of hands for this part. Thanks honey!


Another tip I have is that if you plan to do something like this make sure its in an area that isn’t a heavy traffic area. It kinda sticks out from the wall about 12 inches or so and you don’t want to deck anyone with your planter!

Pulley Hanging Planter


I put it on a wall in my bathroom. I like that it adds some nature in an area that normally is kinda blah. I also think that this would be great for herbs or fresh flowers!

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