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I have been needing a new toaster cover for a loooonnnng time. I’ve searched around online and many stores and couldn’t find one. Not sure why. Don’t people still use them? I thought about putting the toaster in a cabinet when I’m not using it, but I use it quite often and I didn’t want to keep having to pull it in and out. Plus, my toaster leaks crumbs and I didn’t want that mess in the cabinet.

I decided to make one. I thought it would be a little more complicated than it actually was, but it was super easy and took less than 30 minutes.


I have a super old, pretty ugly toaster, but it works great!  

DSC_1783 - Copy

Can you see why I want to cover it?

I used some left over canvas paint tarp to make my cover.  The tarp is already hemmed so I use that section for the bottom of the cover.

Here’s what I did:

DSC_1798 - Copy


(If you are using a different fabric you will need to add a hem allowance when cutting.)

DSC_1879 - Copy



(If using a different fabric…hem the bottom after sewing this piece together.)

DSC_1880 - Copy

All seam allowances are 1/4″.  Turn right side out and you’re done.

DSC_1884 - Copy

Leave blank or decorate however you’d like.  I use my good ol sponge stamps with black paint brushed onto the stamp and added the French word for toast.

DSC_1881 - Copy


I’m pretty happy with the results.  

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