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Have you heard of Utah’s Own Beejuvenate!?

Well, I was fortunate enough to receive a couple of bottles of this amazing balm! Its a 100% natural skin treatment for dry, cracked or rough skin, chafing, and even Eczema! Made with beeswax, natural oils and butters, and with no alcohol added (So it won’t dry out your skin!). Available as a body cream, body balm, or lip balm with a variety of scents. I was so anxious to try it out because ever since my Oliver was born he has had THE worst Eczema! He just itches and itches everywhere to the point that he rubs his skin raw and makes himself bleed! Poor thing. He has never known anything else! We have tried dozens of lotions and creams and body washes and laundry detergent to try to make it better for him. I was almost to the point that I was going to ask for a prescription from the doctor for a steroid to help him.

Well, when I received this in the mail I immediately started using it and its only been a week and look!!! 

PicMonkey Collage

I started putting it on in the morning and at night before he went to bed. I only used about a pea sized amount and rubbed it on his skin. It wasn’t oily or greasy at all! Oliver even looked forward to me rubbing it on him and he laid so still and let me just work it into his dry patches. I am amazed at how well this works!! He is a different baby now that he doesn’t itch his skin off anymore. Mark Ellingson (Part Owner and Beekeeper) recommended that I use the natural scent for my little guy since he is only 14 months old and it smells divine!! I just want to eat it when I open the container.  They also offer other scents like Sweet Pea (which also smells yummy!) Citrus Blast, Rosemary Mint and lots of others!

That’s not the only thing I used this for. I am super embarrassed to show you this!

I am NOT a shoe wearer! Anytime I can take my shoes off I do and I am definitely NOT a sock wearer either and because of this I have THE worst dry and cracked heels! I mean the poor pedicure people look and me like “Are you kidding me!?”

Well I started putting the balm on my heels whenever I used it on Oliver and in just a week there is a huge difference!!

PicMonkey Collage 2

I didn’t even file them down or anything. This is just from using the balm!

You have got to try this!!

I am a customer for life!!

You can visit their website here to see all the products they offer and learn about the process of making this all natural skin treatment.




Now for the best part!!

They are giving away a 2 oz. Body Balm to one of our readers!!! YAY!

Comment at the bottom of the post or on our Facebook page  for a chance to win!!!

I will close the contest on Friday at 12 pm!!

Good Luck!


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  1. Avatar Kristi f says

    This is amazing! I better try this for my kids! (Who am I fooling, me too!)

  2. I need this!!! My feet look like yours! I’ve tried everything and haven’t had any luck finding something that isn’t super greasy.

  3. Avatar Shelly Plummer says

    I’m older than you are so my feet are worse, would love some of this cream.

  4. This product sound so interesting. I’d love to try this on my skin, especially with the hot summer weather. My skin gets dry. And I love that it’s a natural product.

  5. This stuff looks amazing!!

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