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Do you ever get that feeling when you get a new book to read you just know without even cracking the book open that it is going to be wonderful and that it will become something you and your family will read together over and over again. When I received this book I knew that this story would be that for us. I had judged the book by its cover so to speak!

We have some classic Christmas stories we read every year as a family that help us bring the spirit of Christmas in our home. The Polar Express for example, but I love this book because its story is about learning the real reason for the season.
In the story the authors use Santa to teach a little boy about how he came to be and the real reason for the Christmas tree and the presents he leaves. In this book Santa Claus is someone to look up to and to love. His mission is to show God’s love through his kindness and generosity. But, even though he brings gifts, Jesus Christ is the Gift Giver.
It is a story of love, hope, miracles, and joy; exactly what Christmas is really all about. It’s what I want to teach my children about Christmas.
Here is one of my favorite quotes from the story: 

“Have you ever wondered why I bring you gifts? Two thousand years ago, unto us a child was born. Unto us a son was given. Out of the manger a child would grow into a man. A man would become the promised Savior and could send a message in all that he would do. That message would fill the world… with hope, with peace, with Joy. On that day, a gift for all men was given, and because of all that He did, and what He became, another would be given the task to remind as many as would believe of the greatest gift the Father ever gave.”

My 3 girls loved the story and the illustrations. I asked them what they thought and Chloe said to me that she thought the story was about Jesus and how he let this man who helped the poor family become Santa so he could help other people. When she had said that I thought YES!! She gets it! My 2 year old wasn’t so interested in it but I think that is just his age. But this is definitely a must read.

If you are looking for a Christmas Story to help your family understand the real meaning of Christmas then I highly recommend this book for your family!

You can order this exceptional book here:


For more information you can go to their Website.

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  1. He Jessica, I wanted to thank you for the glowing review. I so glad you and your family enjoyed! I hope that you and your family have a very merry Christmas this year.

  2. According to the website, the hardcovers are back ordered till Thanksgiving, but orders are still being taken. 10% discount with code:sweetsavings Love this book!!!!

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