Our Behavior Chart


With summer ALMOST here! Our house will be in need of one of these!!

In school my girls teachers have the same system implemented  in their classrooms. So I thought since it works so well there it should work at home too, right!?

I have a friend who made a similar system at her house and she has told me it works wonderfully!

So I’m going to give it a try.

I started with 2 yard sticks.

(I purchased mine at home depot for .68 each!)

I then took 1 of the yard sticks and cut them into 4 inch sections cut at a 45 degree angle on my chop saw.


I hot glued the tip and tail to the arrow on the other yard stick


At the end of cutting the 4 inch sections I ended up with a little triangle so I added it on, but this is not necessary to make the arrow tip.


Then I sectioned off my arrow into 4 sections for each warning or level.  And then painted them a different color.

In my girls classroom it goes from white, green, yellow and red being the worst color.

(Secretly I really wish I could have painted this all cute with gold accents and cream and pink, but I thought for it to really be effective it needed to match with what they already knew. I mean can you imagine me telling them to move their name to gold!? It would NOT work!

I told them that if they stay on white all day then they can get a reward of some kind, like a piece of gum or something. (It’s a big deal in our house to get gum.)

Then green was a stop and think what you’re doing. Like a timeout.

Yellow was a warning. No more TV for the rest of the day.

Red. Early Bedtime.


I got some clothes pins for their names and hung it where they can reach it.

I want to be consistent in our discipline and we need some definite rules to help when things get out of hand.

I have 3 girls, we NEED something right!?

I really hope it works at our house. Time will tell.

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