Me and My Girl a Year Later

Hi all! Can you believe its been 2 years since we started Polka Dot Poplars!? Awesome Sauce!!!

Well, a year ago I did a video with my youngest daughter and I asked her some questions and since then I have gone back and watched it so many times! It really turned out to be a fun way to document my daughter and the things she thinks about and why I love her so much! I decided since it had been a year since I did the first one that I would do it again to see if anything had changed or see if things maybe hadn’t changed. Check it out! 

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That One Time I Ate A Booger On Purpose

My bestie came up this last weekend to my house and we decided to try the Bean Boozled challenge for her You Tube channel!  Have you guys ever tried it!?

Well we did and it was quite an experience!! Check it out!

Make sure to subscribe to her channel!  Her videos are about her life after divorce, weight loss and life! She is smart, witty and fun to watch!

Getting To Know Me Better

This week I thought I would share a fun video that my daughter Chloe and I did. I got this idea from a friend of mine that posted this and I thought it was such a good idea I wanted to do it, too. I hope you enjoy it, but if you don’t then it’s totally fine because its something mostly just for me. I want to remember how my little’s were at this age. You should do this too! I just found some questions online that I thought were fun to ask my cute 5 year old.

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New Project!

Hello Readers! This week I had planned an awesome tutorial about painting my daughters room, but I all of a sudden got a pinched nerve in my arm and now can barely move it! Let me tell you what, OUCH!! Maybe its the universe telling me to take it easy this week, so I have. I am hoping to show you guys next week what it looks like! (Fingers crossed!)

So this week I am sharing a sneak peek of a project my hubby will be making soon! My husband (who you will meet a little later) found this beauty for free!!!

Watch our video for a sneak peek!!

Warning!! (He is a dork, but I LOVE him!)






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