Beauty and the Beast Giveaway From HomeAway

It’s an exciting week! The new Beauty and the Beast comes out this week! We can’t wait! To celebrate we are sharing this amazing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST HOMEAWAY GIVEAWAY FOR A STAY AT DUNS CASTLE IN SCOTLAND!

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In honor of the release of Beauty and the Beast, HomeAway is giving away a stay in Duns Castle in Scotland for you and 20 friends or family members! Wouldn’t you LOVE to stay in Beast’s Castle! What a trip that would be!

Enter to win! 

The Grand Prize is:

A stay at Duns Castle for you and 20 guests

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Travel Safety Tips

It’s the season of travel and we’ve got some tips and ideas to make your vacations fun and memorable. This week we will be focusing on all things travel.

Today we’ve got some safety tips that we’ve learned over time. They are all pretty common sense things you probably already know, but just in case here’s what we recommend:

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Make Your Own Memory Jar

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Do you have some special momentos lying in a box somewhere unseen and unremembered? Maybe some souvenirs of an unforgettable vacation or possibly pictures and keepsakes from your school days? Why not create some memory jars to display so you can remember all those meaningful times in your life.

I made a memory jar to celebrate the birth of my son and whenever I look at it displayed on a shelf in his room it reminds me how little he used to be and how grateful we are to have him in our lives.

Memory Jar

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