Road Trip Travel Games

As a military family we traveled quite a bit and while we had a lot of fun and have some incredible memories the hard part was always keeping my kids occupied and happy.  Movies, treats, and hand held games only last so long. Here’s some ideas that have worked for us along with some great ideas from around the web.

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What To Do With Vacation Memorabilia

If you’re like me you have a box of tickets, pictures, and memorabilia from your travels that is collecting dust. I am a scrapbooker and have some pages finished of our trips, but I just can’t get everything in a scrapbook. I decided it might be fun to hang some of it up on our bulletin board for a little while. It was so fun going through everything and it brought back so many amazing memories.

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Packing Tips For Traveling

I love to travel and doing it as inexpensively as possible. Checking bags, airport parking, etc. can all add up to a lot of money and I’d rather spend that money on having fun or for souvenirs. Here are some of our tips for packing and getting ready to go:

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