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As a military family we traveled quite a bit and while we had a lot of fun and have some incredible memories the hard part was always keeping my kids occupied and happy.  Movies, treats, and hand held games only last so long. Here’s some ideas that have worked for us along with some great ideas from around the web.

  • Travel Surprises – Gather some inexpensive toys and activities and wrap them in paper or place them in a paper bag. At regular intervals or when things are getting tense give those kiddies a gift to open.
  • Google Maps or Atlas – Kids love to follow along on a map to see their travels.
  • An Activity Bin For Each Child – Fill a small container that can be used as a desk with activities, coloring books, etc. that they can do on their own.
  • I-Spy – This game may drive the adults crazy, but this game keeps kids busy for quite a while.
  • ABC Game – Have each person look for the alphabet in order starting with A from signs, license plates, etc. The first one to Z wins.
  • Once Upon A Time – One person starts with Once Upon A Time and the next person adds a sentence. Go around as many times as you want until your family has created a story. Our kids love this and it exercises their imagination and creativity.
  • Books On Tape – Gather some books on tape or activity music to play.

Here’s some other cute ideas:


DIY Puzzle In A Box by School Time Snippets


Countdown Paper Chain by Small and Friendly



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