Thanksgiving Appetizers

Can you believe it’s less than one week til Thanksgiving?  I love this holiday, but then there’s the thought in the back of my mind that Christmas follows shortly after and I’m not anywhere near ready.  But, I’m trying to make an effort to enjoy each holiday and not blend them or hurry them along.

Anyway, I’ve been preparing my shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner.  Do you have people hanging out in the kitchen sneaking a bite or two or three of the things you’re making like I do?  I’ve always had a few snacks, but nothing significant, so I’m fixing that this year and looking for Thanksgiving appetizers.

I’ve got a variety of ages I need to please so I’ve gathered some fun recipes from around the web I think will work for all ages.  Don’t these look yummy and fun.  Thought I’d share what I found.

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