My 30 Tips For Organizing A Creative Space

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Are you one of the lucky ones who have a large creative space? Unfortunately, I’m not one who has much space to devote to the many crafts I enjoy. I’ve been working on putting together a creative space in my new home and with the help of Staples Brand Products I want to share my organizing tips with you. Be sure to read below to see how you can save 30% on your purchase of Staples Brand Products and to be entered to win tickets to the concert of the year at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Right now my house is full of boxes I need to unpack! Uugh! It’s so time consuming to try and figure out where to put everything, but it’s also nice to have a new space and a new start. Here are my tips to setting up and organizing a creative space.

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Purse Organizer

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are receiving the love you deserve this Valentine’s Weekend.

Do you ever lose things in the bottom of your purse? I do. It’s usually my keys or my cell phone. Today I want to share an easy purse organizer that I just love. Also, if you change purses on a regular basis then this is especially for you because this organizer is portable and can easily be moved from purse to purse.

Placemat Title

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