My 30 Tips For Organizing A Creative Space

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Are you one of the lucky ones who have a large creative space? Unfortunately, I’m not one who has much space to devote to the many crafts I enjoy. I’ve been working on putting together a creative space in my new home and with the help of Staples Brand Products I want to share my organizing tips with you. Be sure to read below to see how you can save 30% on your purchase of Staples Brand Products and to be entered to win tickets to the concert of the year at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


Right now my house is full of boxes I need to unpack! Uugh! It’s so time consuming to try and figure out where to put everything, but it’s also nice to have a new space and a new start. Here are my tips to setting up and organizing a creative space.

  1. Finding A Space – A corner or a closet may not seem like a lot of space, but it’s amazing what you can put in a small area. I set up my new creative space in a 6’x6′ corner of my bedroom. Having a little corner that we can get away in for a few minutes a day is important, so make space for you.
  2. Furniture – Check out yard sales or thrift stores for a small table and bookshelf. I found my little antique table at a thrift store and it’s perfect for the look I want.
  3. Upcycle Those Furniture Pieces – Remember, paint is your friend and can change the look of a piece into what you’re looking for. I painted my bookshelf gray.
  4. Good Natural Lighting – Try to find an area that is well lit or better yet near a window. There’s nothing worse than trying to create in a dark space.
  5. Lamps – Even in naturally well lit rooms you can get shadows. Invest in a good lamp so you can create your best work.
  6. Create An Inviting Space – Add color and decor that you enjoy and that makes the space yours. In my new space I decided to go with an industrial look that I just love. Staples Brand Products have so many items that fit right into the feel I was going for like these amazing wire containers I hung on cup hooks on the wall. 30tipscreativespace5
  7. Use Every Inch Of Space – You can hang items or shelves up high on the wall or store things under your desk. 
  8. Keep Things Handy – If you have a lot of supplies, but limited space, keep what you use often handy in your creative space and store the rest in other places.
  9. Good Seating – Find a comfortable chair or stool to help you enjoy your time in your space.
  10. Make It Comfortable – Add a TV or radio to keep you company. Maybe a foot stool or throw would help.
  11. Use Clip Boards – Clip Boards look awesome hanging on the wall. These Staples Brand Clip Boards add some fun design, but also is a place I keep inspiration, lists, and ideas handy and safe. 30tipscreativespace10
  12. Multi-Use Paper Rolls – I just love the big roll of Kraft paper that is a Staples Product hanging on the wall. This paper can be used to cover the table during messy projects, to write messages on, or to wrap gifts with. We made the hanger using galvanized pipe pieces. 30tipscreativespace4
  13. Office Supply Organizers – These Staples Brand organizers aren’t just for pens or paper clips. Use them to store embellishments or items you use in your creations. 30tipscreativespace12
  14. Notebooks – I like to keep notebooks handy like these Staples Brand notebooks to jot down ideas, keep fabric swatches, and illustrate my marker and paint colors. 
  15. Storage Containers – Use containers not normally used for craft supplies. I find baking pans, small drawers, and trays work great. 30tipscreativespace1330tipscreativespace8
  16. Magazine Holders – These are great to hold paper and files, too.
  17. Binders – The possibilities are endless with these. I like using different types of page protectors in them and storing stickers, stamps, and rub-ons in them. 30tipscreativespace16
  18. File FoldersStaples Brand Products carry these beautiful Kraft folders that I just love to put photos into that I need to scrapbook, owners manuals, and sewing patterns.
  19. Glass Jars – Glass jars are inexpensive, can be found at thrift stores or recycled, and everything can be seen in them. To me the perfect storage container. 30tipscreativespace14
  20. Accordion Folders – I love these and they come in all kinds of sizes. These small ones from Staples Brand Products hold all sorts of things and fold up tightly to save room. 30tipscreativespace7
  21. Jump Rings – These amazing little metal rings come in all different sizes and hold all kinds of supplies. Just hang them on a hook when storing.
  22. Mailer Boxes – These boxes are heavy and are a great size to hold paper scraps, markers, stencils, and small fabric pieces. Best of all they stack really well and can be labeled. 30tipscreativespace1530tipscreativespace6
  23. Additional Storage – If there are supplies you don’t use on a regular basis, but still want to keep place them in flat plastic containers with lids under your bed.
  24. Ribbon – I find it best to separate my ribbon by color and store each color in a zip lock bag. I then place the bags in a storage box.
  25. Pegboard or Pallet Wood – Hanging this up on the wall protects your walls and gives you tons of room for storage.
  26. Supplies As Decor – Arranging your paint or card stock on a shelf in rainbow order can add some color or a basket full of yarn can be pretty.
  27. Tools – Keep your scissors out of children’s way by hanging them on S hooks on curtain rods up high.
  28. De-Clutter Often – Donate products you don’t use to hospitals or schools. This will keep the amount of supplies you have manageable.
  29. Take Time For Yourself!
  30. Have Fun – It doesn’t matter how much creative space you have or what it looks like. What does matter is that you are having fun, learning new things, and enjoying the process.

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  1. Love all your ideas on creating an organized work space! Thank you for naming the great products and their sources too. I’ve wanted a roll of kraft paper but wasn’t sure where to buy & now I know Staples is the place to get it plus so much more! Great details on so many ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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