Puffy Hearts

How is it possible that January is almost over?  I had always heard that the older you get the faster time goes.  I’m beginning to think that’s true.


Anyway…..Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  I love this day.  I hope you have as many wonderful people in your life as I do.  They are the “loves” of my life.  I want to celebrate each one of them and show them how much I love them.  In the next few weeks I will share with you some of the things I will be doing.

I don’t know why but I’ve never had too many Valentine’s Day decorations.  I suspect it’s because I have so many Christmas decorations and the last thing I want to do is decorate again.  Do any of you feel the same way?  So, this year I thought I would make something to put on my mantle; a little something to bring the spirit of love in my home.


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Felt Heart Garland


Hello Readers!

I really hope you are all enjoying this month.

It is going by so fast for me.

Well, this year I decided to get a jump-start on Valentine’s Day.

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