“Simplify and Savor” Your Holidays

It’s always this time of year that I start feeling the stirrings of stress knowing that the holidays are just around the corner.  I tell myself that things are going to change the following year, but as I’m sure you can all relate, life gets busy and all our intentions of being better prepared and organized continues to be pushed off until the “following year”.  Not only that, I’m sad that I have been so tired in the past that I simply could not enjoy the spirit of the occasions.  Well, no more.  Seriously!

Connie Sokol, an author and public speaker whose focus is on helping women simplify their lives, has given me hope that my future celebrations will not only be better, but times I will look forward to, with her book, Simplify and Savor the Season.  I could not help but pass this hope and resource on to you, our readers.  Connie writes using her awesome sense of humor, experience as a wife and mother of seven, and the knowledge she’s gained through the trials of being a woman has given her.  Connie’s many books and articles are popular, heartfelt, and needed. I highly recommend them



When the opportunity to read and review Simplify and Savor the Season I jumped at the chance.  I was desperate for a change and I’ve found an incredible resource to help me solve my holiday doldrums.



This eBook contains a planning section which will help you plan everything from your menus to gift planning and guide you in weeding out all the unnecessary parts we don’t need.  In addition, this book contains cute stories of her real life happenings, along with tips on how to bring back the joy and rid yourself of the stress of the holidays.   Connie has also written a separate workbook companion to keep notes, ideas, and to-do’s.  

I am giving away ONE copy of Simplify and Savoras well as the Simplify and Savor Planner.  Be sure to enter here:

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