Quick Burlap Valance

Do you have some windows that need a little somethin, somethin.  My family room windows did.  I debated quite a long time on different ideas and I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted until now.


I love burlap.  I love the rustic feel and how inexpensive it is.  It can be a little messy, but nothing this gal can’t handle.

To soften my burlap I wash it three times using laundry detergent, a little bleach, and some fabric softener in the rinse cycle.  I also dry between each wash.  I also only wash a couple of yards of burlap at a time.  

Disclaimer – The burlap will shed quite a lot in your washer, but a quick wipe of the inside each time will take care to not clog the washer.  Also, the edges will fray and I don’t trim between washes.

When it’s complete this is what I have; nice workable (less smelly) burlap.


At this point I measure my windows and cut my burlap the width of the window by about 30 inches.  To create a pretty even edge pull a strand of burlap at the point you want to cut and then cut along that line.  Once cut I pulled a few additional threads to create a frayed edge.

Next, I iron the burlap using a hot steam iron running it slowly over the fabric to press.  Fold the burlap in half making a 15 inch valance.  Using a tension rod found at Walmart I hung the burlap over the rod evenly and hung it in the window.   


That’s it.  Now to repeat for two other windows.

I think I still may do a little tweaking by adding an iron on vintage print to the burlap, but for now I’m going to live with it for a little while and then decide.

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