Polka Dot Playroom


9 of the 10 grand kids…….missing Marley

Oh, there she is


It makes me so happy to have grand kids and being a part of their lives.  In the past I haven’t had a fun place for them to play, so I got busy and did something about it.  I turned one of my basement bedrooms into this:


Since I’m a big fan of polka dots, if you haven’t been able to tell, I decided that would be my theme.  I wanted something that would be fun, unisex, and could last a while.  When decorating I usually try to come up with a theme and then my mind goes crazy with the possibilities.  Using circles and dots in this case the possibilities were endless.

I had made this owl picture a while ago and decided the colors I used in it would be perfect for this room.  Plus, there’s polka dots in it!


 I made the polka dot curtains and hot glued pom poms on the blinds.  I also spray painted the knobs on the curtain rods.

I purchased on inexpensive light fixture and spray painted it.  Another circle and I love it.


I found the fun (round) stools and this cute chair at JoAnn’s for half off. Score!

Ikea is the perfect place to get storage items and inexpensive home decor.  The rug, throws, small pillows, curtain fabric, blinds, curtain rods, and shelves are all from their store.  I spray painted the wood shelf to match the room.  Love me some spray paint.  It’s a good friend of mine.


I wanted to have a chalkboard for the kids and decided a hoola hoop would be the perfect size.  I painted the wall with chalk board paint, a homemade mixture of Americana paint thickener and acrylic paint in a color that would match.  I had to use the hoola hoop for a frame.  Told ya my mind goes crazy.

playroom 6

I already had a toddler bed that I thought would be awesome seating for reading or would double as a guest bed.  Notice the half circles of the head and foot boards.  Perfect!  I had some old European size pillows that I made pillow cases for.  Cozy!


For the cubies in the white storage shelves I already had some red boxes but they didn’t match, so I spray painted them orange, of course.  This shelving unit is perfect for my little artists.  They can sit on the stools and draw on the roll of paper on top.  Crayons are in the tins, also from Ikea.


I painted one accent wall in the color “Sparkling Yellow Summer” by ColorPlace.  I found the fun Wall Pop circles at the thrift store.  I thought that was pretty lucky and they matched!

Now, the closet.  This was fun.  I created a puppet theater/grocery store/hut/anything their little minds can imagine area.  I used some cheap denim and sewed curtains for the top and bottom.  I added some orange scallops to the top.  The bottom rod on the valance comes out more than the top rod to create the look of a canopy.

 playroom 5

Another item I got at Ikea is the hanging storage thingy in the closet.  It’s round and can hold puppets, etc.

I added this sign and put all the books in this fun, old wooden tool box and then finished it off with a magnet board and an ABC pennant.



I’m pretty proud of this and am anxious to share it with the kids.  It’s so rewarding to see my ideas become reality.

Have a great weekend!



Dru About Dru

There are so many things I could say but I will just start with the basics. Mother to 4. Grandmother to 11 (Yes, 11. All under the age of 9.) I am a former Army wife and we spent 15 years traveling around the world. It was such a thrill to have seen so many places and meeting lifetime friends. I spent many years working in the craft industry and love getting together with friends and creating. I have a lifelong love of thrift shops, antiques, and yard sales.


  1. Beautiful room! You came up with so many awesome ideas…. I love the hula hoop chalkboard! I have two kids, age 1 and 7….they would both go ballistic for this room! Your grandkids have such a wonderful gramma 🙂

  2. This is amazing Dru!

  3. Hi Dru,
    You followed me on google+ and I clicked over to your blog and here I am. What an adorable playroom! I wish I had room to create something like this for our grandchildren. We have 4. I’m a big fan of polka dots and checks, too. Love your rug from Ikea!

  4. This is really, super cute! I’m in the midst of doing our playroom and needed some inspiration! We would love for you to share at our fun Super Summer Saturday link up here: http://www.thechirpingmoms.com/2013/08/super-summer-saturday.html Thanks! Julie

  5. Avatar suburbsmama says

    Such a great space! YOu are one awesome grandma! If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party going on now: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/08/sunday-linky-20.html

  6. Avatar Terri Smith says

    Hi Dru, your creativity is awesome! Thanks for sharing your ideas, they’ve definitely inspired me.

  7. Wow. I love this. I guess my living room is going to look like a playroom. I am such a kid. I love the polka dots and pops of color. That is exactly what I am doing in my living room. So fun. I would love it if you would share this over at my link party.


    • Aren’t polka dots the best! I think they work any where. Thanks for you’re sweet comment and I linked up to your party.

  8. What an amazing space for your grandkids. They truly are loved!

  9. I am featuring your polka dot playroom on my blog. Thanks for linking it up. I hope to see you tomorrow for another link party.


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