My 5 Side Effects of Pregnancy

The side effects of pregnancy sure can play havoc on a body and the sad thing is they never go away! I wish I would have paid better attention to what other moms said before having my four babies to mentally prepare myself, but how do you really understand until you go through it?  However, you know what? I would go through it all again!

5 Side Effects of Pregnancy


I didn’t love the first four months of pregnancy because I was so sick, but have loved every minute afterwards. The miracle of creating a human being is amazing and I am thrilled and so blessed that my body allowed me to do that. The rewards of giving birth to a beautiful person far outweigh the side effects I experience. 

Here are five common side effects I experience every day and what I do remedy them. If you haven’t experienced pregnancy or just want to know if what you are going through because of pregnancy is normal I hope this helps!

  1. My Memory! I expected to lose some of it when I got older, but not as a young mom. It’s actually quite scary when you can’t remember the name of things you use every day and not being able to get the names of my kids right. I used to blame having to spend 95% of my time with my young children and speaking their language, but now that they’re older I can’t use that excuse anymore. Getting as much sleep as I can, socializing, and staying mentally active by reading and doing crossword puzzles have helped.
  2. Boobs! What boobs? Truly! They disappeared! Wouldn’t you think it would be the opposite? I didn’t come with much anyway, but after breast feeding I was left with nada! There’s not much that can be done except going under the knife, but having a good padded bra helps.
  3. My skin and hair have never been the same. I lost a lot of hair after my pregnancies. Some of it returned, but it was never as thick as it once was. Luckily, I had a ton of hair to begin with and with a change in hair styles and volume increasing products I have been able to live with it. However, I think the hair I lost on my head started growing on my face! I’ve had to turn to shaving and waxing my face in places and it gets so annoying. I also got dark patches on my face called the mask of pregnancy. This did go away! Thank goodness!
  4. I have never not been tired since having my first baby so many years ago. After years of having to get up constantly to feed, change, or sooth my babies my body clock never returned to normal. And having kids can increase your worries and concerns which causes insomnia. I have yet to find something that really works well other than not sleeping well for three nights in a row and just crashing. Natural supplements like Melatonin, a warm bath before bed, and relaxation and breathing exercises have helped. I just need to figure out a way to turn my mind off.
  5. The most annoying has been bladder leakage. Sneezing, running, and laughing are what triggers my little oops moments. UUgh! No amount of Kegel exercises have helped me, so I turned to these:

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What’s comforting about all of this is that you’re not alone and there is so much help to be found. There is no reason you can’t live life to the fullest even if there are a few setbacks. Please share in the comments below how you have overcome some of pregnancy’s side effects. I would love to chat. 



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