I have learned a huge, valuable lesson in my life that I wanted to pass along.  Years ago I found myself under pressure to be the perfect mom, wife, and every other title I put myself in.  I totally did this to myself.  I was under constant stress to “Keep up with the Jones”.  You know….have the perfect home, the perfect children, the perfect marriage, and everything money could buy.  I felt that everything I did had to be over the top; every detail perfect.  

I see a lot of this today from younger women.  Maybe it’s because of social media that I see more of it, but I’m worried.  I really would hate to have other women deal with the consequences I did.  Don’t get me wrong…I think we should always try our best.  Creating a beautiful life is important, but not to the point where other more important things are neglected.  I love creating a nice home, being organized, and having nice things, but not at the expense of very important things like family, health, and God.

Did you know stress can cause physical problems with your body?  I learned the hard way it does.  Stress is something I could have controlled.  Over time it plays tricks on your body and sneaks up on you.  Please be careful.

I didn’t spend as much time as I should have with my children because of other things I thought I had to do.  Wrong!  Another mistake!  If I could go back I would have removed some things I really didn’t need to do.  Are there things you could simplify in your life?

Is a birthday party that takes weeks to prepare or a perfectly decorated home really that important?  I learned “no”.

I neglected my spiritual, mental, and emotional well being.  Sad.  

I hope you take the time to really think about your life and maybe simplify some things.  I have and I’m much happier.  

“In all of our ‘getting’ we need to remember that’s not where happiness and contentedness comes from. We need to guard ourselves from envy of other’s things. Our culture does not lend a helping hand to this, as we often feel the pressure to keep up with the Joneses.”

Dru About Dru

There are so many things I could say but I will just start with the basics. Mother to 4. Grandmother to 11 (Yes, 11. All under the age of 9.) I am a former Army wife and we spent 15 years traveling around the world. It was such a thrill to have seen so many places and meeting lifetime friends. I spent many years working in the craft industry and love getting together with friends and creating. I have a lifelong love of thrift shops, antiques, and yard sales.

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