Free or Almost Free Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s just a few days before Christmas…..Have you spent all of your Christmas budget or are low on funds?

Are you looking for a personal gift for those special people in your life?

We’ve come up with some great ideas that would show your love and make any receiver happy.


Of course, anything you’ve created in the kitchen would be awesome!


Have you thought of putting together a coupon book and offer your time and talents to a loved one?  There are amazing free printables for coupons all over the web.


What about creating a CD of your favorite songs, holiday or not?


Or how about a print (framed or unframed) for their home.  Or,


a calendar for the next year.  Again, there are lots of free printables all over the web.


One of my favorite gifts to get is someone’s favorite recipes.


I think anyone would love a DVD of your favorite photos from the past year.


A sure treasure would be a tee towel or pillow case embellished just for your special someone.


And, lastly, what about a hand written letter sharing your feelings and memories together.  You know this would mean so much to the person you gave it to.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration during this time of giving.

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