DIY Coffee Table Ottoman

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It’s time again for our monthly Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge where several bloggers and myself take on creating something new from something old. I’ve had so much fun with this and hope you have enjoyed checking out all the great projects every month.

Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge

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  • There’s no budget to stick to.

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DIY Coffee Table Ottoman


This month I decided to take on a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, turning my old coffee table that I got at a thrift store a few years ago into an Ottoman. I thought this project would be harder and more time consuming than it actually was, but it really wasn’t too bad. Here’s what I did to make my warn out and scratched coffee table into a pretty new ottoman.

DIY Coffee Table Ottoman Supplies


  • a coffee table
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • fabric for cushion
  • 3 or 4 inch foam depending on the height you want
  • upholstery needles
  • waxed thread
  • staple gun/staples
  • pair of pliers
  • buttons

Turning a Coffee Table Into an Ottoman


  • First I painted the lower section of the table and the legs a light gray.
  • I decided to tuft my ottoman so I measured my table and decided where I wanted my buttons and tufting to go.
  • I then drilled 1/3 inch holes for the tufting.

  • After cleaning up the table I laid out my fabric right side down onto the floor. Then I topped it with my foam and laid the table upside down on that and made sure everything was in place.
  • I then pulled the fabric up and stapled it into place underneath the table top. I find it works best if I start stapling in the center of a long side, then at the ends, and then continue stapling in the other areas on that side. Move to the opposite long side and do the same thing only pulling the fabric as tight as you can. Do the same thing on the shorter sides.
  • For the tufting I threaded my long upholstery needle with about three feet of waxed thread knotting the ends together three times making a large knot. Insert it through one of your holes in the bottom and up through the top. Add your tufting button and go back down through the hole pulling tightly. (You may need a pair of pliers to help you.)

  • Pull it tight to form the tuft and insert the needle through any old button that is bigger than your hole.

  • Go back up through the hole and connect with the top button and then back down to create a really strong tuft. 
  • After going back through the button on the bottom knot it tightly into place.
  • Do the same thing for the other holes.

I think next time I do this I will use bigger fabric covered buttons to give the tufting more emphasis, but I love how it turned out and it’s much more comfortable now to put my feet up. Yay!

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  1. I love this project! And that houndstooth is stunning. Wonderful job.

  2. Nice repurpose! great idea!

  3. I’ve always wanted to transform a table into a bench like this. You are a brave girl to drill holes and tuft it. I’m so chicken when it comes to drilling holes in furniture…lol. I think your ottoman looks fabulous.

  4. Oh I really love this table makeover. It turned out perfect and I love that fabric too. Great job.

  5. What a great transformation! Love the way it turned out!

  6. That turned out so great, I love the new color on the table and the tufting is great. Lots of comfy feet will be propped up there now. Just beautiful.

  7. I am such a fan of houndstooth! This came out just beautiful!

  8. Very cute upcycle! I love how it came out. Great idea on how to do the tufting!

  9. What a fabulous idea! I’m holding onto an old coffee table just in case I want to do this DIY project. You did such a great job!

    Thanks so much for the DIY inspiration!

  10. I love this makeover. It is so practical and very stylish.

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