Countdown To Kisses (Free Printable)

It’s kind of a cloudy, drizzly day today.  The kind where you want to stay home curled up in a blanket.  I’ve heard we are supposed to get some snow but I haven’t seen anything yet.  I hope it’s not much because we still have quite a bit since the last huge dumping weeks ago.  Last weekend Brittany and I made the best of the snow and took the kids tubing.  We had a lot of fun even though there were some bumps and scratches.  Connor is quite the clown with a great sense of humor.  He get’s it from his mom.  Here’s the conversation that actually took place at the start of a race.  Connor is 4.


Never a dull moment.

It’s almost the month of LOVE….And I’ve been creating some more decorations.  This one is more interactive.

A Countdown To Kisses

I’ve included a tutorial if you’d like to make one, too.

I started by finding a large frame.  This one came from the thrift store.

  • I cut a piece of foam core board to fit the frame.
  • I had some Paris inspired fabric that I used to cover the board (after all Paris is the city of love, right?)
  • I cut the fabric allowing boarders on all sides to glue to the back of the board.
  • I placed a piece of batting between the board and the fabric to give it a little dimension.
  • I then hot glued the fabric to the back of the board.

  • I purchased some little metal buckets at the Dollar Store in the wedding section.  There were three per package.
  • They came white so I spray painted them blue.
  • I kept the ribbon in the package to tie the tags onto the buckets.

  • Using this printable (printed on 8.5″x11″ white card stock) I cut out each of the pieces and tied the number tags to each of the buckets.

Valentine Countdown

  • After your buckets are finished place them on the fabric covered board in the spots you would like allowing space for the hooks, etc.

  • Mark each spot with a pen or pencil where you would like the hooks.
  • Using small tip scissors snip a small hole on each of the marks.
  • I used large cup hooks found at JoAnn’s.
  • Place a bit of hot glue on the end of the hook and push through the fabric and board at each mark.
  • The hook may stick out the back a little but that doesn’t bother me.

  • Place the board into the frame and secure.
  • Add the buckets to the hooks
  • For the header I cut another piece of foam core board and added scrapbook paper on top.  I sewed the title onto a piece of “Paris” fabric and batting and embellished a little and then glued the title to the foam core board.
  • I then glued the header to the frame.

I just need to go buy some treats to put in each of the buckets.  February 1st is coming soon.

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