DIY Boxwood Topiary

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I love the look of topiaries used in home décor. They add a touch of greenery that is different than your typical house plants. You can find artificial topiaries at many home décor stores, but my favorites are the live plants that I turn into topiaries. They are usually much cheaper to make, too. Here is one I’ve had for two years that started out pretty small and it continues to grow.

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Banana Squash Casserole

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I am such a casserole lover. How about you? I really like a meat and potatoes dish, but for me I love the combinations of good casseroles. This recipe for Banana Squash Casserole is a great one because it combines creamy goodness, chicken, and my favorite squash, yellow banana squash. I also like how versatile it is. It’s light and makes a great warm weather meal plus it is comforting and perfect for the colder months. 

Delicious and creamy casserole recipe.

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Planter Box Tutorial

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I adore these planter boxes. They fit in anywhere for a fun addition to your home or garden décor. Below is a tutorial on how I made these useful boxes.

I made two different sizes, a 12″ long box and an 18″ long box. Here’s what you need for the 12″ box:

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Feed The Birds


I’m so enjoying this series of posts.  It gives me a little extra motivation to accomplish the little extra things I’ve always wanted to do.  Making this bird feeder is one of them.  Here’s a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy.  I love being able to sit inside my warm house and watch out the window as a bird fills his tummy.

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