Hazel & Ruby

For several years in my career I was so fortunate to work in the craft and scrapbooking industry.  I’ve been a Buyer for Robert’s Craft Stores and Memories Scrapbook Stores.  I’ve also worked on the manufacturing side of a few scrapbook companies in various positions from design to customer service.  As a Buyer I would review and analyze 100’s of products every day to come up with what I thought were the best products to sell in our stores.  I am constantly keeping my eye on what the trends are and any new products that come out in the market.  It’s fun for me because I also like to craft and DIY in my spare time.  So, when I see new products coming out that I like or hear of a new company that is producing amazing product I want to shout it to the world and especially to our sweet blog followers and friends.

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