Recycled Basket Stool

I’ve been doing some recycling today.  I’m not much a garbage recycler (I need to change that.), but when it comes to furniture and home accessories I’m all over it.

Isn’t that the way it is with life.  Some times we need to “recycle” ourselves and take some quiet time to make small shifts in ourselves.  We are all beautiful the way we are, but we get stuck in ruts or are making some “not so good” decisions that need to be changed.  Constant improvement and growing is my mantra!  Many times I take a step forward, but then take 10 steps back.  You know….life stuff gets in the way some times.  My ultimate goal is to better myself each day.  Recycle, reclaim, and recover.

I recently found this old broken stool in a dumpster and this awesome large basket at a yard sale.

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