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I’m Jessica, the oldest sister of our Polkadot Poplars, the hugely pregnant one. (Yes there is only one in there!)

I’m am currently in the wonderful state of Wyoming, I’m a Melanoma survivor, wife of a wonderful man, and mommy of twin girls and another little girl who I swear is a 14 year old in a 4 year old body. We are currently expecting our first little man to our bunch and cant wait for that adventure. (He has to come out sometime right!?) We just finished building our first house and I cant wait to make it into our home. I have so many ideas running through my head sometime I cant sleep!

I love all things classic. Movies, clothes, music etc. I channel women like Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds with maybe a little Lucille Ball in there, too. I love to transform spaces (Almost too much I think, things change on a daily basis at my house.) and I like to refinish those poor neglected items people forget.   If you’re reading this I hope you’re here to stay and will enjoy what my mother and sisters and I come up with.



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