(This is Rock Springs)

This weekend my family and I decided to go exploring!

Can I tell you we had SO much fun!

On Friday I took the girls to Lander and Riverton, Wyoming! We went treasure hunting and mommy found some great treasures!  And the girls found a couple, too. We also found this amazing park in Landor that the kids just loved.  There was an awesome playground with a river near by and places to camp and to play volleyball. We seriously could have spent the entire day there if we could!

On Saturday my hubby took us to this place he heard of called The Three Patches Picnic Area. It was right on top of a mountain and it had Quaking Aspen trees all over!! Coming from the city this is a huge deal!! After living here 5 years you would think we had been everywhere there could be to go, but we found this place and it was so fun!! The kids had a blast! We hiked and picked flowers and explored! It was so quiet that I think we were the only people in a 25 mile radius.  It was such a relaxing time!

DSC04230 DSC04349 DSC04288 DSC04258

I remember as a kid my mom taking us places that we hadn’t been before and discovering something new about the place we lived. We saw some amazing things!!! (Perks of being an Army brat!)

I also have to give props to all the moms who decide to leave the comfort of their home and wrangle their horde of kids and take them on adventures!!


Have you gone out and explored you area!? I challenge you to and I promise you wont be sorry!


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  1. Jessica,
    What a beautiful post and area. No to mention I was born in Lander. I graduated and was married in Green River and my oldest was born in Rock Springs. Small world right!
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

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