Buffet Makeover

Buffet Makeover

We recently moved into a new home and even though I would love to be able buy new furniture for the whole place I just can’t afford doing that. I do have some great pieces of furniture like this buffet and it’s been fun to makeover the look of what I already have to fit into the farmhouse theme I’m going for.

Recently there was a challenge put out on a fun DIY group I’m a part of to use a new product called Diva of DIY Chalk Mix on a piece of our choice. Since I’m in the throws of decorating I jumped at the chance, plus I love trying out new products.

Diva of DIY Chalk Mix is a powder you mix with any latex paint to create a chalk style paint. How cool is that?! I love the look and durability of chalk paint, but it can be very expensive. As someone who paints a lot of furniture and has tons of paint laying around I was excited to try it. 

Diva of DIY Chalk Mix

I’ve had this oak buffet for many years and love the lines and wood finish of the piece. But, I also love painted pieces and my new home has a lot of woodwork and my buffet just faded into it. 

Painted Furniture Makeover

Before painting my furniture I bought a new rug that I’m in love with and decided to use the colors in it to create my new decor. I started out by painting my buffet with a robin’s egg blue so when I distressed this lighter blue would come through.

Here’s what I did:

Chalk Style Paint Supplies

Chalk Style Paint Instructions

  • As with most other chalk type paints there is no need to prime or prep your furniture piece. A good cleaning is all I did with my piece.
  • Remove any knobs and tape over areas you don’t want painted.
  • Mix one cup of paint, 4 TBL. of Diva of DIY Chalk Mix, and 2 TBL. of hot water together. Mix well.
  • Start painting your piece. Let dry. 

How To Paint Furniture

  • My piece took one coat of the lighter blue and two coats of the darker blue. A little paint goes a long way. I only needed the initial mix of one cup of paint to do the job.
  • I sanded lightly between coats to assure a smooth finish. I always find with any paint I use that the wood grain raises and makes the finish slightly rough. Sanding lightly solves that problem.
  • If  you plan on distressing your piece do it within 24 hours of painting. The paint dries really hard and is difficult to distress after that.
  • Diva of DIY also carries a clear wax and a variety of colored distress waxes. I finished the buffet using clear wax that I brushed on and let sit over night. The next day I buffed the wax into the pieces using a soft cloth.
  • Any extra paint you have you can save in a covered container.

Painted Buffet Furniture

I’m super happy with my “new” buffet. I found that the paint went on smoothly and covered really well and gave me a great chalk like finish. I also love that you can double the amount of chalk mix you use and create a chalkboard paint in any color you want. Bonus!

Giving a piece of furniture a chalk paint type look is so easy and inexpensive with Diva of DIY Chalk Mix.



Be sure to check out what others in the group did with this challenge. I adore all the ways this chalk mix was used.


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  1. I love that you went with a bold color for your buffet makeover! I’m glad you liked working with the Chalk Mix. Thank you for participating in the Diva of DIY Chalk Mix Challenge!

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