Word of the Year! Have Yours? Now What?

Word of the Year

Well, it’s almost the end of January 2016…….Have you chosen a word for the year or set some goals for yourself?

How are you doing? 

We are big fans of choosing a word for the year.  The goal of this post is to hopefully motivate you to keep your little word a focus in your life.

I’ve gathered some ideas I’ve found from around the web to keep myself focused and want to share these ideas with you because they’re good ones.

If you don’t know about the “One Little Word” project that is growing in popularity each year you may want to visit Ali Edward’s site. She is the instigator of this amazing idea and has a lot of ideas to be successful in using it to better yourselves.  

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My 2014 Word

Have you ever picked a word for the year?

Something that you can look at and remember what your goals and aspirations are.

I haven’t ever done it, so I thought this year I would.

Let me tell you that trying to find a word is not so easy. So, I just let the word come to me. I knew something would just jump out at me and say BOO! This is it this is what you need to focus on this year.

Well it came to me.

This is my word for the new year



This year I want to

Embrace my Heavenly Father, really know him!

Embrace my family.  Take in those little moments that mean so much and be really in tune to their needs.


Embrace a healthier lifestyle.  I am doing it this year!

Embrace myself and take time for me and do things I really love to do!

Embrace Life!

Live today cause you never know when you won’t be able to anymore.

What is your word for the year?

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