Exciting News!

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about the crib benches I did and that we might have some exciting news coming up!?

Well the time has come and I am happy to announce that we are going to be on Studio 5 with Brooke Walker this Thursday!!

studio 5

To say I’m not nervous is an understatement, but I am so excited for this opportunity!

My sister Brittany and I have added more things to feature on the show.  You will see more on Thursday but here is a little preview.

I took these


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What We’ve Been Up To (Video) Plus A Giveaway

We have been super busy around here getting ready for the Vintage White’s Market.

1535520_705248926175633_1649460035_n (2)

We hope you’re able to attend.  Here’s a video showing some of what we will be selling.

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