Grandma & Grandpa Time


G&G Time Collage

If you’re a grandparent you know how much fun and enjoyment you get from your grandchildren. It’s like looking at life through new eyes. You have so much to offer these sweet kids, so give them your time and knowledge. Here’s some ideas for Grandma and Grandpa time.

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Grandma’s Toffee

English Toffee Recipe

I am so excited for Christmas! I love to see my daughters light up Christmas morning and this is the first year we will be in our own home for Christmas! I can’t wait!

Well, today I have spent the day cleaning a little and organizing for all the new Christmas stuff we will be bringing in and of course making yummy treats!

I made my first batch of toffee last week thinking it would last till Christmas, Ummm nope…

So I made another batch today.

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