The Amazing Action Alphabet

I’m sorry it has been a while since I last posted! So many new and exciting things are happening! My hubby and I just bought our very first home and we are beyond thrilled! Right now we are remodeling and changing it up quite a bit and I’m excited to share what we have been up to, but unfortunately it will be in another post, so look back soon!

Today I wanted to blog about something that I came across a little while ago and I wanted to share it with you.  This is for all of you mommies out there wanting to have your little ones learn their ABC’s and sounds.  Are you ready!?

THE AMAZING ACTION ALPHABET! It is a flip book that shows you the letter in upper and lower case, a cute story that goes along with the letter and the sound that goes with the letter.  For example: Letter A

A the alligator was angry when an army of ants appeared on an autumn afternooon and took away his adorable apple. “A a a!” he screamed. (Shake your fists in the air while saying a-a-a each time A the alligator is angry.) aaa

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