Shutterfly’s Etiquette Tips For Holiday Cards

Have you put any thought into your holiday cards yet?  I’m sad to say that I’m always a last minute girl when it comes to my cards, but I have sent out cards for the last 30 years.  Yay me!  I think they are a great way to catch up with our family and friends.

When preparing your cards did you ever think there might be some do’s and don’ts to consider?  We are thrilled that Heather from Shutterfly has joined us as our guest today.  She has some tips for us to think about.  Take it away Heather.


Top Three Etiquette Tips for Sending Holiday Cards


It’s hard to believe the time has come to start thinking about holiday and Christmas cards. The process of sending out cards can be simple or complex, depending on a number of factors, like the type of cards you purchase, how many friends and family members you’re sending cards to, etc. Then there’s holiday card etiquette to consider – but don’t let that part stress you out! Stick with these three tips and you’ll send out holiday cards like a pro.


  • Personalize your cards! No one wants to feel like they’re receiving mass media mail when they get your holiday card. If you’re sending out blank cards, write a little message to the recipient. It will take longer, but be more meaningful. If you choose to send customized holiday photo cards, you can still sign the card or write a note on the back. Another popular idea is to send along a holiday letter that updates friends and family on what your family has done and where you’ve traveled during the last year.
  • Don’t substitute e-cards for real cards. E-cards definitely have their place, but holiday greetings aren’t really one of them, especially on a mass scale. You have several options, ranging from blank cards, to cards with greetings inside, to photo cards. Even though a majority of communication nowadays comes electronically, people still love getting mail the old-fashioned way. It personalizes your greeting – and your loved ones will appreciate that!
  • It’s okay to cut people from the list. What? You thought removing acquaintances from your mailing list was a major no-no? Actually, the purpose of holiday cards is to send well wishes and greetings to those you won’t see during the holidays. In addition, it’s understandable that you might need to trim your list – after all, money can be especially tight this time of year. So if you have acquaintances on the list who you’ve fallen out of touch with, it’s okay not to send them a card this year. Also, if you’ve sent a card to someone and not received one in return for the last two years, it’s completely acceptable to cut that person from the list. It’s not a mean or spiteful thing – it’s actually healthy to trim your list or else it can balloon out of control as you meet new people and form new friendships.


Hopefully this list gives you more confidence in the etiquette of sending out holiday cards. Be sure to start thinking about your cards well before the holiday season is under way. In fact, it’s best to send your cards sometime during the week after Thanksgiving. This will ensure they arrive at just the right time to greet your loved ones and give well wishes at the height of the holidays.
Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.


I’ve attached some examples of the beautiful work Shutterfly can do for you.  They also have some amazing gift ideas, too.

Now I’m feeling the urgency to get my cards done.  Thanks for the ideas Heather!

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