Recycled Leather Office Chair

Hello Everyone!  I recently recycled an older leather office chair into a more colorful and fun craft room chair using spray paint.
I’ve had this chair for years and love how comfortable it is, but it just didn’t match the retro vibe I am going for in my craft room. I debated a long time about what to do with this chair. I wasn’t sure if I could recover it and I even wondered if I should just replace it, but then decided I would just paint it! The spray paint can says it will cover vinyl and plastic, so then I thought “why not leather”. Paint is one of my very good friends and I use spray paint all the time; I just knew that it would be worth a try and my gamble paid off. Leather can be spray painted! Yay!

Here’s what I did:

I separated the legs from the chair.

I then painted the arms and legs of the chair a creamy white. There was no need to tape off the leather because I was going to paint it a different color. It took about 4 coats of paint.

Once the white paint was dry I covered the arms with Glad Press & Seal. This wrap is perfect for protecting places you don’t want painted. I then sprayed the chair leather teal blue which also took about four coats of paint.

Once everything was dry I replaced the legs and removed the plastic wrap. It turned out just like I envisioned. I love when that happens. And what a difference it makes in my craft room. I’ve been using my chair for a few weeks now and there hasn’t been any flaking or problems with the paint. I’m thrilled. Do you have an old vinyl or leather chair that needs a change? I highly recommend spray paint! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. This is a nice looking chair and a good value

  2. Wow I think this chair is nice and comfortable. I think i should get 3 or 4 of these chairs.

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