Pallet Wood Arrows

Happy Monday Everybody!

I am having this love affair with arrows lately and I finally talked my hubby into helping me make some for us.

This is what we came up with!



These are definitely not going to be the only ones in our home.

I am thinking some for our little boys room, maybe one painted a yellow and the other left the natural distressed wood. I don’t know we will see. 

First we dismantled a pallet. (Which is super hard unless you have a sawzall! Its possible without one, but it takes some muscle)

Then we cut 2 boards 24 inches long.

Now the pink arrows point is 9 inches wide cut at a 45 degree angle and 7 inched long the first tip is 4 inches long, just to give you an idea.

Each tail on the pink arrow is 6 inches long cut at a 45 degree angle.

Each of the white arrows tail pieces are 2 and 1/4 inches wide cut at 45 degree angle.

And I sketched the tip of the arrow to what I thought looked good and cut it out with a jig saw.

The rest of the wood was cut with a chop saw.


I then glued all the pallet pieces together with some gorilla glue and let it sit for 4 hours. ( I hate waiting!)

I painted the pink one with some pink craft paint I had on hand and the white one I used some Modge Podge and glued some vintage wallpaper on to it. (Here is some I found that would be so cute!) I really loved the way the natural wood looked too, but I had this idea in my mind and I went with that first. The next one I do I will just leave alone.

Then I attached some sawtooth brackets on the back to hang them on the wall.

Thats it!



My hubby was skeptical at first but I think he likes the way they turned out, too.  He even likes the pink! 🙂


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  1. Um, love that floral arrow. Brilliant upcycle, ladies.
    xo, K+K

  2. Found you through That DIY Party. I LOVE these… You did a great job!

    Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie B’s too

  3. Love this! Such a cute idea for wall or shelf decor!
    Where can I find the names of the wall colors in your home? I love them all! Am currently painting my front room revere pewter by benjamin moore and it looks very different than what I’ve found online.

    • Thank you Megan your so sweet! I actually painted my house all one color and I love it cause in different lights it looks different shades. Its “Jogging Path” from Sherwin Williams.

  4. seriously, too too cute. i’m totally incorporating these into my gallery wall somehow!

  5. These are amazing!!! I love it! New follower HERE!!!! Would love for you to come share this at Give Me The Goods on Monday! {1 party-5 blogs!}

    Amber@ Dimples & Pig Tales

  6. i love arrows, this is awesome.

  7. I absolutely love this! Great job! and thank you so much for sharing it:) had to pin for future DIYing.

  8. Oh my, Jessica! I am in love! I will HAVE to make some of these… I’m thinking I may be able to use tobacco sticks!! How cool would that be?!? I am loving the pink too… it’s just the right pink-i-ness!! Pinned for Later!! 🙂

  9. Love the arrows! Would like to know how you are liking the wall color. Trying to decided if that is the color for us. It looks lighter than the chip. Is that the lighting in your home? I was hoping the color would pull green. Does it for you?

    • Thanks Amanda!
      The wall in the picture does face an outside door so it photographs a lot lighter. I don’t feel like any of my walls are as dark as the chip looks like. ( I was surprised to see how different it looked too!) It does pull more green out then gray and I love it!!

  10. These are so pretty! Great job and great tutorial. So glad hubby was won round 🙂

    We are linking up all sorts of fab pallet ideas at Empty Your Archive this week and I would totally love for you to share this – Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  11. I LOVE these!!! Good job!!

  12. Oh I love them, They are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing how you made them.

  13. Love these! Pinning now! ~Lisa

  14. Avatar Erika Farquhar says

    They’re adorable! Thank you for the detailed instructions…I’m getting right to work!

  15. These are just too cute! Love it! Pinned it!

  16. Just used this as a template for arrows for my gallery wall. It was missing a bit of something, so I think these will be perfect! Just in the process of painting/staining/wrecking them to beautiful! Can’t wait to get them on my wall!! Thanks!!

  17. This is such a pretty idea! My husband collects pallets but I have yet to create wall art with them! Weird right? It seems like the most obvious idea!

    I included this project in a roundup of some of my favorite DIY and craft projects from people attending SNAP! I’d love for you to take a peek. You can find it here:

    Best Wishes,


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  19. Nice DIY wooden pallet project. I have other plans for the pallet. I will use it as frame of the indoor koi pond project


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