Pallet Board Sign

I have seen a new trend coming out on pallet boards.  There are so many fun ones and since my husband and I are buying our first home (YAY!) I was wanting to do a fun pallet board sign for my son’s room.  This project seriously took only 15 minutes or so and it is SUPER easy! I am going for a nautical look in his room, so I decided to make an anchor board!



I am lucky enough to have my dad make the pallet board for me! All he did was pull 4 boards off a pallet and line them up.  Then he nailed on supporting boards on the back.


I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some paint colors that I thought would look good for the board.  You will also need a paint brush, sand paper and your vinyl picture.


First I started sanding the edges of the board and sanding the top.  The top is a bit rough, but I wanted the board to turn out rustic.

Then I applied my first paint color.  This is the color you want your picture or saying to be.  I only put the paint where the anchor would be.  Let it dry completely.


Then I applied my vinyl anchor.  Make sure that you center it and press hard on the edges, so when you paint over it, the paint will not seep through underneath.


Then apply your second paint color over the top.  I wanted to be extra careful so I stippled the paint with my brush.  I didn’t want it to be perfect so I wasn’t worried about getting every hole in the board.  Let it dry completely.


After the paint dries, you can peel up the vinyl.  And you have your picture! Super easy, right!?



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