May – Mental Health Month

May is National Mental Health

Hello Friends, 

There are so many people who struggle with mental illness and our family has been hit in a big way by the effects of it. Our son and brother, Jeremy, suffered with Bi-Polar Depression and eventually took his life. You can read our story here. We want to support and help those who are facing issues and feelings like Jeremy did. 


We feel that helping those who have tried to take their lives is one of the biggest things we can do. The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention has recently released several videos of those who have tried to take their life and gratefully didn’t succeed called “Voices of Hope”. They share their stories and what kinds of help they have received since. We highly recommend you clicking on this link and listening to their stories. They may offer you some ideas to help those who struggle in your life.


Here are some of our tips to help anyone you know who is depressed:

  • Those who are depressed withdraw, stop doing things they usually enjoy, and want to sleep. Be aware and watch for those signs. Offer a listening ear and just let them talk. No need to offer advice. They just need someone to listen.
  • When someone is depressed they have a hard time even doing simple things. Help them do those things. It might be what they need to start feeling better and not as overwhelmed.
  • Offer to take them to the doctor. Many times depression can be caused by something physical.
  • Learn everything you can about depression and keep a close eye on your loved ones.
  • Take a person seriously when they say they want to hurt themselves. Suggest that they see a therapist and encourage them to take any medications they have been prescribed.
  • Invite them to share a meal with your family or in any activity you think they would enjoy. 

Unfortunately everyone of us is probably close to someone with depression or struggle with it ourselves. Follow your heart and seek help. People with depression need help. 

If there is anything we can do for you please let us know. We offer our experience and love to anyone who needs it.


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